Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pick and Run

I remember going to Padres games at Lane Field at the foot of Broadway.  Once I took the bus with a couple older neighborhood friends.  I remember one guy's name was Eddie Renshaw; he must have been in high school, I must have been 12 years old -- probably around 1957.  In the outfield there were these condemned bleachers;  around the 8th inning Eddie told me to go outside the stadium and wait on the street adjacent to the bleachers.  His plan was to get boosted over this wall, run behind the outfield fence and collect as many balls as he could, then toss the balls to me.  I remember I was peering through the fence, watching him sprinting and stooping to gather the balls.  Then I noticed two security guards sprinting after him.  I remember he never made it to right field and my heart was beating so hard I thought something was wrong.
By Ed Collins

This Game is Great...

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